How to Become a (Python) Developer

I have been a QA Tester developer for the past 13 years and working in a software testing has its own merits and drawbacks. I am considering going into software development as a full time occupation. While I have some background in scripting and coding, I don't feel incredibly competent. I know that I am going to need a learn a ton of things quickly as a software developer. I thought I could write down the list of things that I need to do to juggle with a new role and decided to start with Python.
  • Write about the technologies, toolset, idiomatic way of doing things in it and write it a lot, because it is very hard to keep all these things in mind.

  • Get familiarized with the best tool set available for Python and learn the shortcuts in it.

  • Look into lot of open source projects and try contributing to them and it is a good way to learn the best practices in the language.

  • Setup the Python environment on my Mac and try running it successfully. I think it gives me more confidence and can learn easily by troubleshooting.

  • Lots of learning materials are available online, both free and paid ones.

  • Preparing for the coding interviews by meticulously going through Python interview questions.
Hopefully I had created the list of things to do when being a Python programmer.

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